Eat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

Learn how to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian in a holistic way for best health, weight, and wellbeing.

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What will i learn?
  • This course is for anyone who is interested in improving their health, weight, or energy via a holistic, whole-food, plant-based approach.
  • This course is best for beginners who would like to learn about or are just getting started with plant-based eating.
  • This course is also suitable for those who are already familiar with plant-based eating, and are looking to further enrich their skills or gain new tips, confirmation, and inspiration.

Curriculum for this course
34 Lessons 07:46:56 Hours
8 Lessons 01:49:52 Hours
  • Introduction 00:13:44
  • How to Prepare for Success 00:13:44
  • "Eat Real Food" Section 1 Quiz 00:13:44
  • Make Dietary Changes to Thrive 00:13:44
  • Health Benefits of a WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Other Benefits of a WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • How to Get Help and Support 00:13:44
  • "Eat Real Food" Section 1 Test 00:13:44
  • How to Stock Your Kitchen and Pantry for WFPB Eating 00:13:44
  • Fruits: Nutrition and Uses in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Beans: Nutrition and Uses in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Foundational WFPB Foods Quiz 00:13:44
  • Nuts: Nutrition and Uses in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Seeds: Nutrition and Uses in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Herbs & Spices: Nutrition and Uses in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • Other Specialty Foods in the WFPB Diet 00:13:44
  • WFPB Meal & Snack Ideas 00:13:44
  • WFPB Beyond the Home - Restaurants, Travel, and Holidays 00:13:44
  • Next Steps and Final Tips for WFPB Eating 00:13:44
  • Eating the Whole-Food, Plant-Based Way 00:13:44
  • Whole-Food, Plant-Based Meal Templates For Easy Eating 00:13:44
  • How to do Groceries for Real Food Options 00:13:44
  • How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label 00:13:44
  • How to Build a Real Food Meal Plate 00:13:44
  • How to Eat Enough Protein 00:13:44
  • How to Eat the Right Carbohydrates 00:13:44
  • How to Eat the Right Fat 00:13:44
  • How to Be a Healthy Vegan 00:13:44
  • How to do Batch Cooking for Quick Real Food Meal Prep 00:13:44
  • How to Pack a Lunch for Healthy Eating 00:13:44
  • How to Eat Organic 00:13:44
  • How to Avoid Eating GMOs 00:13:44
  • How to Approach Supplements 00:13:44
  • How to Use Food Combining Guidelines 00:13:44
  • Access to a high-speed internet to enjoy the class videos in the best quality. Access to a variety of fresh, wholesome, plant foods. Access to a kitchen to make some of the recipes and/or meal ideas referenced in the course.
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Eat Real Food takes you on a journey of creating a solid foundation for life to know what plant foods to eat and why.

What you choose to put on your plate and into your body each day plays one of the most important roles in creating your health, weight, energy, and wellbeing. Not only that, but today, what you choose to eat has a direct impact on our healthcare, environment, and entire society. We cast our vote most effectively for the kind of world we want to have by what we spend our money on and what we choose to eat. When you make the choice to eat whole plant foods, you are making the choice to not only help yourself, but help other humans, animals, and our entire Earth.

Eat Real Food is not a diet or a quick-fix, but a lifestyle and its success depends on a change in your perspective and habits.

Whether you are interested in reducing animal products, like meat, eggs, and dairy, or removing them completely from your diet, or looking to adopt a healthy vegan diet, this course will educate, inspire, and empower you to know how to eat right with confidence.

You will gain skills to know:

  • What foods make up a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle diet

  • How to do groceries for wholesome plant foods

  • How different plant foods satisfy and benefit your nutritional needs

  • How to approach creating quick and easy, wholesome, plant-based meals

  • How to deal with concern foods like wheat, soy, oils, and sweeteners

  • How to eat in the best way possible beyond your home and kitchen

  • How to make the Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle successful and enjoyable

Eat Real Food liberates you from counting calories and obsessing about isolated nutrients; it teaches you to eat based on the intelligent design of whole plant foods!

This course teaches nutrition from a holistic perspective that focuses on the whole big picture, and NOT a narrow reductionist perspective that counts calories and isolated nutrients. You will learn how to focus on eating the right foods, instead of being distracted by trying to get individual nutrients.

The course provides 4 sections with over 4 hours of video content, as follows:

  • Section 1 - Introduction provides the basics of Whole Food, Plant-Based eating.

  • Section 2 - Foundation presents what whole plant foods to eat and why, and tips for incorporating them into your diet.

  • Section 3 - Application includes a practical summary of how you can approach Whole Food, Plant-Based eating in everyday life.

  • Section 4 - Quick Tips answers common questions about plant-based nutrition offers numerous tips to help you succeed and strengthen your understanding.

The course provides downloadable summary, activity, and handout sheets for most of the lessons, as well as numerous links to other helpful web resources, like educational articles and over 60 recipes and meal ideas.

NOTE: The "Eat Real Food" course does NOT focus on teaching plant-based cooking. If this is what you are looking for, then please refer to my course "Cook Real Food" here on Udemy. To best satisfy your expectations, please scan through the course curriculum to orient yourself with the topics covered and watch the free video lectures to determine if this is the right course for your current needs.

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