Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture-Advanced

relieve numbness relieve cold hands and feet relieve chest pain relieve shoulder pain relieve low back pain

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6 Lessons 01:22:24 Hours
6 Lessons 01:22:24 Hours
  • Introduction 00:13:44
  • Demonstration of J-K somatotope, I-somatotope, etc. 00:13:44
  • Introduction of upper extremity diagnosis 00:13:44
  • Demonstration of upper extremity diagnosis. 00:13:44
  • Demonstration of YNSA treatment 00:13:44
  • Case reports 00:13:44
  • Physician: with medical license Acupuncturist: with medical license Dentist: with medical license Doctor: with medical license Medical student: finished anatomy cource
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Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) is invented by Japanese physician, Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto. It was published in 1973. The treatment is different with traditional Chinese medicine. Rather than points in traditional Chinese medicine, there are somatotopes in YNSA. The physician uses these somatotopes on the head and body to treat patients.

YNSA is that stimulate points on the head and body by needle. This therapy is very effective in neurologic disease, and pain control.

YNSA has rare pain when treating, without soreness and numbness, so it is suitable for women and kids.

The feature of YNSA: convenience, less pain, Fast outcome, and low price.

Convenience: We treat patients on the head, without taking off clothes. It is very convenient for women.

Without pain: The acupuncture needle is thin, only 0.24mm, so the pain is lesser.

Fast outcome: Pain and discomfort will relieve soon after treatment.

Low price: Fewer needle than Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, and the cost is lower.

The advanced seminar includes J-K somatotope, I-somatotope, and upper extremity diagnosis.

J-K somatotope can alleviate the syndrome of locomotor diseases, such as chest pain,  low back pain, or headache.

Upper extremity diagnosis can help you to find out the positive reaction of brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar points.

After finished this seminar, you can relieve the discomfort below:

Stroke rehabilitation, numbness of fingers and toes, cold finger and toes, chest tightness, shoulder pain, low back pain.

The points in this seminar will support basic points, sensory points, and brain points.

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